Let ‘em play!

Think of the first things we learn in life when we cannot even talk. None of them is learned through traditional teaching. Yet teachers are still stuck with offering endless lectures and reading from dull coursebooks, consequently ending up with students looking sick and tired. The truth is we basically learn through playing and trying to solve “problems”; the reason being that humans need a cause to do something.

You may think I’m just talking about kids, but I do believe that learning through playing is one of the best ways to make adults respond to new knowledge. Came as a shock? I don’t think so…

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Millennials – That big of a problem!

I have just stumbled upon a social media post ranting about the millennial workforce.

#they listen to nobody

#they don’t want to learn

#they have the attention span of a flea

#they always need something

Well…urban myths have always been in fashion! The truth is that millennials constitute a great asset to the workforce. Let me explain why.

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