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Is technology stealing my job?


Over the last decade, the way people use technology to learn has seen incredible changes. The Information Age has shaped the views of both learners and teachers towards employing electronic tools to enhance the learning process. While many teachers are enthusiastic and eager to use technology, there are others who are concerned that technology is going to replace them.

Well…it’s true that technology has changed the way almost-if not all-jobs are performed. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s plotting our extermination…

Dear teachers,

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Authentic learning with or without technology


Bringing real-life situations into the class and letting your students construct their own learning can have amazing outcomes in their fluency and their motivation to learn more. Technology can undoubtedly enhance authentic learning; however, its use isn’t necessary in all circumstances.

Here are some ways you can empower your EFL students with authentic learning:

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Why using laptops cannot be considered m-learning


Although mobile learning (m-learning) is considered by many as simply owning a device with no need of cables, for me it’s something more than that. There is no doubt that you need to charge both but that’s more or less the only similarity between e-learning (on desktops or laptops) and m-learning (on smartphones or tablets).


  • M-learning is not about technology. It’s about having the chance to learn anytime and anywhere.

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How to survive abroad without speaking the language

Back to Greece after spending three months working in Madrid, Spain. As soon as I set foot there, I realized that very few people spoke English. That wouldn’t be such a problem if I spoke Spanish.

Problem no.1: check!

After surviving the (communication) theatre of the absurd, I came up with a list of tips that saved me and let me have a really good time.

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To BYOD or not to BYOD in language learning?

       6283248242_ab7faf4b4b_b        The borderline between the use or not of mobile devices in language learning has its roots mainly in the teachers’ beliefs and previous experiences. Teachers are stuck to the belief that they are the only source of learning, so they see technology as something that may replace them. This is not true if we think that the role of the teacher is actually that of a facilitator. Some other reasons may also be their negative experiences in using technology as students, or even their fear of mobiles disrupting the lineal learning process. Mobile devices may also be seen as time consuming and untrustworthy as to the learning outcomes. But the truth is that in most cases, such beliefs are formed before actually implementing mobile use in language learning. All the above result in a vague classroom situation where learners feel unsure as to whether they can use mobile devices or not.

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Let ‘em play!

Think of the first things we learn in life when we cannot even talk. None of them is learned through traditional teaching. Yet teachers are still stuck with offering endless lectures and reading from dull coursebooks, consequently ending up with students looking sick and tired. The truth is we basically learn through playing and trying to solve “problems”; the reason being that humans need a cause to do something.

You may think I’m just talking about kids, but I do believe that learning through playing is one of the best ways to make adults respond to new knowledge. Came as a shock? I don’t think so…

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Millennials – That big of a problem!

I have just stumbled upon a social media post ranting about the millennial workforce.

#they listen to nobody

#they don’t want to learn

#they have the attention span of a flea

#they always need something

Well…urban myths have always been in fashion! The truth is that millennials constitute a great asset to the workforce. Let me explain why.

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